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Antique 9' Brunswick Balke Collender Company Pool Table Circa 1884 "Nonpareil Novelty"

Antique 9' Brunswick Balke Collender Company Pool Table Circa 1884 "Nonpareil Novelty"

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This ornate Brunswick pool table model was used for championship matches during the 1800s because of its superior playing qualities and its general excellence in construction. This 9-foot antique pool table features panels of French walnut burl and extensive hand inlays of exotic woods. Fancy inlaid scrollwork and turnings accent the lower edges of the cabinet.

Original Catalog Description from 1878:

J.M. Brunswick & Balke Co. Illustrated Price List:

"All championship and match games are played upon these unrivaled tables, which for originality of design, beauty of finish, elegance of appearance, valuable playing qualities and general excellence and popularity are unequaled. It was a "Nonpareil Novelty" table taken at random out of our stock at 724 Broadway upon which were played the magnificent games of the New York Three Ball Tournament ending February 17, 1879, upon which Jacob Schaefer made his until then unapproached average of 85 5-7 in a game of 600 points against George F. Slosson, while the latter in the same game scored the largest run and average of his life, 464 and 81 4-7 respectively. It was a "Nonpareil Novelty" taken without care in selection--every table manufactured being of equal perfection--from the warerooms at 47 and 49 State Street, Chicago, on which was played the never-to-be-forgotten match of May 15, 1879, for the World's Championship and $500 a side between Schaefer and Slosson, in which occurred Schaefer's stupendous performance of consecutive runs of 690 and 305, and his average of 333 1-3, the game of 1,000 points being won by him in three innings."

Inlaid with California Laurel, Burl Ash, French Walnut, Rosewood, Birds-Eye Maple and Tulip Woods.

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