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Whiteface Hike Body Wash

Whiteface Hike Body Wash

Whiteface Hike Body Wash

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Pure Placid Whiteface Hike Body Wash contains a botanical blend of organic extracts that gently cleanse with a luxurious lather. Transforming your shower into a clean, refreshing experience with the light scent of cedar wood, pine needle, peach, and lily. Our body wash is fully biodegradable, creates a refreshing, foamy lather that leaves skin feeling pampered, clean, and lightly moisturized. It delivers a soothing, delightful sensory experience. Size: 8 fl. oz. 

Scent Key Ingredients: Cedar, Pine Needle, Peach, Lily, Cinnamon

Whiteface Hike Scent Inspiration: Pure Placid Whiteface Hike conveys founder Marcy Miller's love for the untouched wilds of the Adirondacks. Places of solitude found deep in the forest, breathtaking vistas, and a feeling of strength. Memories of running through cedar bushes with branches bursting with scent. Running on rocky paths through pine forests. Whiteface Hike is the scent of air filtered through millions of acres of wilderness. This scent is light, fresh, and clean.

What’s Not In Pure Placid Products Is As Important: We make clean body care and source sustainable harvested ingredients. We believe in ethically made products and are committed to formulating without a range of controversial ingredients. Our products are sulfate-free, alcohol-free, SLS-free, VOC-free, DEA free, paraben-free and contain no harsh synthetic chemicals or phthalates.  Our candles do not contain paraffin or other bad waxes and do not have lead in the wick. We sell only cruelty free products and Pure Placid is certified by Leaping Bunny.  

We're Committed to Working With Nature: Our products come in either recycled glass bottles or plastic bottles made of post-consumer recycled plastic (when plastic is necessary). Our pumps are made of post-consumer plastic. We believe in using as little packaging as possible, and everything that is used leaves as little impact on our environment as possible. All containers are recyclable and great for up-cycling.   

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